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The internet is an essential component of modern business. How you reach out to customers through a website can provide a competitive edge while intelligent online applications can improve productivity and efficiency.

Norman Computers specializes in the development and implementation of custom website and internet application technologies. While many of our competitors push the latest technology without consideration of its use or compatibility with your business, Norman Computers takes a different approach.

We distinguish ourselves by looking at your business first and adapting appropriate internet technologies to fit your specific needs, not the other way around. This not only saves you money, but frankly makes your custom applications a lot easier to use.

Think of it like getting a tailor made suit´┐Ż It just fits right!

Internet Services Include:

    Modern Web Design
    Network Engineering
    Internet Applications
    Internet Hosting
    Managed IT Services
    Internet Security Services
    Search Engine Optimization
    Graphic Design
    Content Development
    Technical Writing
    Data Entery
    Off Site Data Backup

Don't worry, we'll fix it...

Technology exists to make life better for those who know how to take advantage of it and yet most people don't know how to fully utilize the technology they own and operate. That's where we come in...

Norman Computers offers a full range of technology and services to advance your life and business, but we don't believe in cookie cutter solutions. Our knowledgable staff will help you choose what works best for your particular needs and will walk you through a project from start to finish. Whether it's something as simple as a virus and spyware clean up or a challenge like implementing an expandable business infrastructure to compete in the global market, we will help you achieve it.

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