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Norman Computers provides a variety of hosting options to meet the needs of any online project. Norman Computers can host your website, online applications, and data base solutions as well as provide remote conferencing and secure hosted communication services. Norman Computers provides tech support for all of its hosted solutions so you are never left on your own.

Shared Hosting

    Norman Computers shared hosting is a low cost solution suitable for small projects, development projects, and non-commercial applications. Shared hosting minimizes hosting costs by hosting multiple user accounts on a single dedicated server. A Norman Computers network engineer monitors server activity and protects the user accounts against attack.

    Effective low cost solution for small projects
    Network monitoring to protect against attacks
    Tech support and remote assistance

    Server resources shared across multiple accounts
    Not suitable for high volume / high traffic accounts
    Shared hosting is not always suitable for commercial applications.

Virtual Private Hosting

    Norman Computers virtual private hosting provides a cost effective option, combining many of the benefits of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Virtual private hosting is ideal for small businesses since it provides an isolated hosting environment with great data backup capabilities.

    Cost effective solution for small business projects
    Isolated hosting environment provides additional security options
    Network monitoring to protect against attacks
    Great data backup capabilities minimize risk

    More costly than shared hosting
    Not suitable for high volume / high traffic accounts

Dedicated Server Hosting

    Norman Computers dedicated servers provide maximum performance and flexability for large projects. Our network engineers provide active monitoring and support to minimize the hassle of running your own dedicated online server.

    High performance / high capacity solution
    Ideal for large commercial applications and business solutions
    Ideal for high volume / high traffic accounts

    More costly than virtual private hosting
    The kind of accounts requiring dedicated server hosting often require additional tech support as well.

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